Navy Veteran and Professor since 2003, James enjoys teaching people in the Industrial design, mechanical & piping design, architectural design, structural design industries on 6 different software’s and non-software’s and how to use 3d printers. James’ passion for teaching drove him to start Langely Technologies after recognizing the need in the industry for better training on how to use the tools they need over those they will not use. James wants to do it better and he caters to his students, educators and corporations needs. He receives great satisfaction when his students finally understand and the processes begin to make sense, that’s when the classroom comes to life.

I love to break down the technical components of my class to help all students become successful in their ability to learn. I strive to make learning new software or design easy to understand.

In addition to training students on specific software that will equip them to find a job, I also support higher educational teachers, high school teachers, coach them, and create a curriculum for them so they can do their job which is teaching.  My passion is to teach and get people back in the workforce, like when I work with parolees so they can be active and contributing members of society.